迪尔景观设计有限公司是一间景观规划专业设计机构,业务范围包括景观设计,总体规划,城市设计。专业从事住宅,商业区,酒店,公园广场,酒店花园的景观设计,城市设计和城市规划,以及风景与主题公园规划。迪尔景观具备顶级的景观规划设计力量。在全国范围内提供具有国际专业水准和符合本地规范的景观规划和设计服务,我们的强势不仅在于可以引进国外先进的设计理念,为每个项目提供国际水准的设计,而且强大的工程储备令我们在项目实施阶段也能为甲方提供满意的专业服务。 作为一个专业的景观设计公司,我们秉承品质第一的原则,从理念到细节,我们关注每个项目的设计品质,每个运作项目的项目品质和每个在建项目的工程品质。在这个基础上,我们专注本业,不断追求创新,贡献社会。


B & A Landscape Design limited is a professional design practice. Its range of services include landscape design for residential , commercial, hotel, park, etc. master planning, urban design.? B & A has top landscape designers provide design service?with international quality as well as meeting local standard for public and private sectors national wide. Reinforced by our professional project management skills. We have not only?advanced design philosophy, our strength also focus on the strong implementation capability?for the project in construction stage, provides a comprehensive package to the client. As a professional landscape design firm, we are quality oriented, and detail minded, taking care of all pace of the project from concept stage to its implementation. Pursing of creativity and finding the best human living environment are always our great spiritual asset that adds significant value to every project. Since B & A entered into china market ,we have already finished nearly 30 quality design projects in most of the city in?china ,such as Shenzhen ,? Guangzhou , Dongguan ,Foshan , Zhuhai , Chendu ,Fujian , Chongqing, ?Guizhou , Hainan , etc. all finished projects are satisfied by client with our professional design and quality service.